• Selection of Digital & Clay Models

    Concept Development and 3D Modeling

    Character Modeling

    Modeling and Rendering Exercise: Animated Character

    "Squirt", Turtle from Finding Nemo

    Modeling and Rendering of a Animated Character


    Surfacing and Highlights



    Final Rendering

    1986 Lancia Stratos

    Modeling and Rendering Exercise: Road and Racing Models

    Racing Model

    Road Model

    Highlights and Surfacing

    Automotive Interior

    Mini Cooper Interior: Modeling and Rendering

    Interior Modeling and Rendering, Racing Red

    Dash, Instrument Cluster, Steering Wheel, Speedometer, Fans, Console, Cup Holders, Trim

    Closer View of Steering Wheel, Instrument Panel and Speedometer

    Rendering Utilizing Decals and Shaders

    Interior View

    Rendering Utilizing Decals and Shaders

    Interior View

    Interior Console, Rendering Utilizing Shaders

    Interior View

    Rendering Utilizing Decals and Shaders

    Clay Modeling

    Selection of Images Modeling a 2014 Silverado

    Beginning Stages

    Foam Base Glued, Setting Up for Clay Application

    Sculpted Foam with Wheel Well Templates Constructed

    Base Foam Ready for Clay Application

    Clay Application

    Putting a base layer of Clay on the Foam Core

    Clay Blocked and Roughing-in Fender Flares

    Blocking in Fender Flares utilizing Wheel Well Templates

    Honing in on Fender Flares

    Working to Design Lines, utilizing Fishing Line, Sweeps, Planes, Rakes and Steels

    Honing in on Fender Flares Cont'd

    Roughing-In Design Lines, Meeting Fender Flares into Front Bumper

    Hood Detailing and A-Pillar Development

    Working to Design Lines, utilizing Sweeps, Planes, Rakes and Steels

    Finished Model

    Dinoc, Grill, Badging and Tonneau Cover Applied

    Finished Model

    Side View

    Finished Model

    3/4 Rear View

    Industrial Design

    Selection of images and renderings from product and automotive design exercises

    Luxury Shifter Ideas, utilizing lab made stone variants with finger print reading for theft prevention.

    Modeled in Alias, rendered in Keyshot.

    Candy Apple Red Speed Form Design

    Collaborative Hybrid FSAE Design - working alongside Engineering students from the University of Windsor. My involvement included revamping previous CAD Data to modify and create side scoops that were both utilitarian in practice and aesthetically pleasing for design purposes, for their 2016 deadline.

    Renderings by Chelsea Greenwell: side scoop modeling completed in Alias, Renderings completed in Keyshot.

    Nokia Headphones

    Modeled in Alias, Rendered in Keyshot.

    Coffee Maker and Detergent Bottle Design

    Modeled in Alias, Rendering in Keyshot

    Mock Body Side, Clay Modeling Exercise